14 segment nixie

Soms worden ze te koop aangeboden: kleine 14 segment nixie displays.

Ik ben benieuwd: ze zijn zeer goed te lezen en werden in de luchtvaart gebruikt. Erg betrouwbaar. Dit zijn er 4 die zich klaarmaken voor hun laatste vlucht (UPS uit Amerika).

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  1. tron nee says:


    Nice website. Your home-brew large 7 segment display is quite nice work!!

    For your information, the ’14 segment nixies’ are not called nixies. Nixies were invented by Buroughs Corp, and they were ALLWAYs neon gas filled numerical indicators. The 14 segment incadescent (hot filament) indicator photographs depict NumiTrons which were manufactured in the USA by numerous different companies. The NumiTron which was a 7 segment incadescent indicator as I recall was invented by RCA, and then later, other companies such as PinLite, shown above, began to manufacture other forms of NumiTron style incadescent indicators.

    Again, really nice artistic electronics and website presentation. Thanks for sharing.

    Electro-Optical Tech*Artist
    Los Angeles Burning Man Artist Association
    Los Angeles, Californica, USA

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