ALS324A – АЛС324А datasheet

Numerical Indicators, based on the compound: arsenide phosphide-gallium. Designed for visual indication. Indicators have seven segments and decimal point, emitting light when exposed to direct current. Different combinations of elements provided by an external switching, allows to reproduce the digits 0 through 9 and decimal point. Available in a plastic case, with indicator ALS324A all elements are linked with mutual cathode, the ALS324B – mutual anode. The height of the sign is 7.5 mm. Weight, no more than 2grams


Unit dimensions are shown in Figure 1. The electrical circuit is shown in Figure 2. The correspondence between the segments of the indicator and the letter designations shown in Figure 3.

Figure 1. Structural data of the ALS324Aindicator:

Figure 2. Electrical circuit of the ALS324A indicator:

Figure 3. The correspondence between the segments of the indicator and the letter designations:


Light color – Red

The light intensity at If = 20 mA through the element, at least:
segment – 0.15 mcd
decimal point – 0.05 mcd

The emission wavelength of maximum spectral density - 650 … 670 nm

Constant direct voltage to the element at If = 20 mA - no more than 2.5V


Reverse voltage of any form and frequency - 5V
Constant direct current through the element:
at T = -60 … +35 °C
– 25 mA
at T = +70 °C – 17.5 mA
Ambient temperature – -60 … +70 ° C


Indicator is recommended to mount the board with glue or soldering the leads at least 2 mm from the housing. Contaminated surface of the indicator is allowed to be wiped with ethanol. Usage of an alcohol-gasoline blends are not allowed!


Figures: dependence of the parameters

Figure - The dependence of the intensity of the temperature:

Figure - The emission spectrum:

Figure - Zone of possible positions depending on the voltage of direct current:

Figure – Zone of possible positions depending on the current intensity:


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