Commodore (SX-) 64


Nu ik met al die microcontrollers in de weer ben, kwam de oude Commodore 64 weer voor de geest. Ik heb daar zeer veel tijd in gestoken toen ik 13-14 jaar was. Mijn basale begrip van computers en de Engelse taal is nu iets beter.

I recently bought a Commodore SX-64. He would be in perfect condition, but I got the following two problems:
1. After putting on nothing happened. Solution: It takes half a minute to warm the pipes.
2. 8 keys did not work. Solution: on the inside of the keyboard was a wire pushed slightly out of the connector.

Fixed! Now the wait for a second commodore 64. This time a regular one. Second hand. Especially the peripherals and software are important. I have none jet.

Other important thing is the IDE64 cartridge. This is also still in transition to here.

Commodore 64 Programmer’s Reference Guide – c64prg

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