HCMS 2963

Dit is niet mijn filmpje. Onderstaande is wel van mij.

Ik vond er een in een afgedankte server.

Diende debuggen denk ik.

De hcms2963 datasheet werk ik hieronder uit.

Display Overview

The HCMS‑29xx series is a family of LED displays driven by on‑board CMOS ICs. The LEDs are configured as 5 x 7 font characters and are driven in groups of 4 characters per IC. Each IC consists of a 160‑bit shift register (the Dot Register), two 7‑bit Control Words, and refresh circuitry. The Dot Register contents are mapped on a one‑to‑one basis to the display. Thus, an individual Dot Register bit uniquely controls a single LED.
8‑character displays have two ICs that are cascaded. The Data Out line of the first IC is internally connected to the Data In line of the second IC forming a 320‑bit Dot Register. The display’s other control and power lines are connected directly to both ICs. In 16‑character displays, each row functions as an independent 8‑character display with its own 320‑bit Dot Register.

Display Overzicht

Vier karakters van 5 bij 7 ledjes = 4 x 5 x 7 = 140 ledjes

Dot shiftregister = 4 x 5  x 8 = 160 bits = 20 x 8 bits. (Dus 20 bit zonder ledje.)

Twee 7‑bits Control Words

Refresh circuitry.

12 – RESET (RST)

  • Control Register bits naar nul
  • Dot Register blijft intakt
  • (logic low = reset; logic high = normal operation).


  • Seriele Data input voor
    • Dot Register data. Of
    • Control Register data.
  • Op de rising edge van de Clock input


  • Seriele Data output bij cascading multiple displays voor
    • Dot Register data. Of
    • Control Register data.

CLOCK (CLK) Clock input for writing Dot or Control Register data. When Chip Enable is logic low, data is entered on the rising Clock edge.
REGISTER SELECT (RS) Selects Dot Register (RS = logic low) or Control Register (RS = logic high) as the destination for serial data entry. The logic level of RS is latched on the falling edge of the Chip Enable input.
CHIP ENABLE (CE) This input must be a logic low to write data to the display. When CE returns to logic high and CLK is logic low, data is latched to either the LED output drivers or a Control Register.
OSCILLATOR SELECT (SEL) Selects either an internal or external display oscillator source. (logic low = External Display Oscillator; logic high = Internal Display Oscillator).
OSCILLATOR (OSC) Output for the Internal Display Oscillator (SEL = logic high) or input for an External Display Oscillator (SEL = logic low).
BLANK (BL) Blanks the display when logic high. May be modulated for brightness control.
GNDLED Ground for LED drivers.
GNDLOGIC Ground for logic.
VLED Positive supply for LED drivers.
VLOGIC Positive supply for logic.

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