HCMS-3912 ▬ 3.3V High Performance CMOS 5×7 AlphaNumeric Displays

The 3.3V HCMS-39xx family is similar to, and uses the same ASIC as the 5.0V HCMS-29xx family, except it operates at a lower operating voltage. Package dimensions and pin outs are exactly the same for both families. The product has been thoroughly characterized and stringent reliability tested to ensure that the product is of high quality.
Similar to the 5.0V platform, this family product is a high performance, easy to use dot matrix display driven by on-board CMOS IC. Each display can be directly interfaced with a microprocessor, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome interface components. The serial IC interface allows higher character count information displays with a minimum of data lines. The easy to read 5×7 pixel format allows the display of uppercase, lower case, Katakana, and custom user-defined characters. These displays are stackable in the x- and y-directions, making them ideal for high


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